Safety Instruction

Customer & visitor safery is our fist priority . Please read safety instruction before visit.

  1. Don't Visit the fish farm alone,for your safety without fish farm guide no one is allowd to visit..
  2. Inside the fish farm you will be under CCTV surveillance.
  3. Please don't provoke fish in raceways.
  4. Please walk on fish deck carefully in the presence of farm authorised employee\fishing guide .
  5. Please don't feed or throw any eating material in Raceways for fishes it can cause infection in fishes.
  6. From November to March no visitors are allowed in the hatchery due to fish hatching/breeding time.
  7. Keep your mobole, cameras, any other electronics devies safe, it can be fall into tank.
  8. Enjoy and get all your happiness with safety and alertness.
  9. Use dustbin to keep fish farm surrounding clean and safe all the time.