about rudra trout fish farm  tirthan valleyss


We are the first private hatchery fish farm available in himachal Pradesh with the capacity of 2.50Lacs of fingerlings capacity. We have advanced hatchery functioning since 2019. We provide the full training to fish farm owner who are willing to learn about fish farming.
We at Rudra fish farm allow trainee to see our in house fish production very closely. We allow trainee to catch and investigate the fishes. We demonstrate the raceways, hatchery,etc. During fish farm training our guide will give you detailed description about trout fish and its process.
During the training and demonstration we will let the trainee to see the fish very closely. During the hatchery visit we will we show how the hatching process happen end to end. During hatchery visit which is allowed November to March only. We have advanced hatchery establised in 2019 as per Himachal Pradesh Fisheres department.